3DOOR —  A fully 3D printed door

Barcelona / 2020
Developed in POLIGONO69

This is a personal project I’ve started during the first quarantine mostly motivated by boredom. I’ve been envolved in 3d printing for 3 years now and there’s always a step further you can go. I decided to 3D design a 2.10x1.50 door including my most relevant pieces and 3D models and snapped in 30x30cm tiles. These are the maximum XY measurements my 3D printers can reach. I used a 0.8mm nozzle to cut time and make the tiles stronger. With this 0.8 nozzle, each tile took to print between 7 and 10 hours, instead of the 1 to 2 days that would have taken with the 0.4mm one. The structure where I nailed all the tiles I built it with pladur galvanized profiles.

The whole building process, including the rail and its system to make this a sliding door took from march 2020 to september 2020. The printing time of all tiles took over 21 days. Luckily, I used 2 3D printers at the same time, so I went faster than that.