XENIXERO  3D printed ashtray

Barcelona / 2018 -2020
            This is a project that analyses the constant interaction between human and machine and the lost of manual technique caused by this constant interaction. I used the ultra precise technology of FFF (fused filament) 3D printing to enphatise the human errors. The machine follows the exact erratic paths done by the human hand. A huge version he Ashtray (30cm diameter) has been shown in Moneo & Brock exhibition, along with Sociedad 0 in Madrid, with an also 3D printed huge papackage of cigarettes. The whole process could have been done in minutes using clay. Instead, I modeled the ashtray using Sculptris (a free software that emulates clay modelling), turned it into a G-CODE with Ultimaker Cura (also a free software) and 3D printed it. The printing takes 3 hours. After some tests, i’ve found the optim infill and wall, top and bottom line count (the thickness of the walls. The material used for the ashtray is PLA, a biodegradable polymer, and one of the most used bioplastics of the world.

Now, being honest:
XENIXERO is a piece that began as a joke but from the fact is that I have sold more than 600 units. The funniest thing is that it gradually deteriorates because of the cigarettes temperature, but people still bought it. This is one of the first pieces I made with 3D printing, and due to the interest that people had on it, I decided to set a market price for it: 30€ for the solid color ones, 40€ for the ones with 2-3 colors, 50€ for the ones with 4-5 colors and 60euros for those of 6 colors or more. Currently I’ve stopped printing them to orders but I still sell them in Cooperativa d’arquitectes Jordi Capell and Almacenes López Barcelona.