NO BRAINER 0202 - 3D animation and album merchandising

Barcelona / 2020
         More than just a band, Wesphere is the brilliant result of the affinity and harmony between these young fellas. Popped up out of Barcelona, where they met to pool ideas, their personal idiosyncrasy has been shaped up on the basis of the natural and progressive union of different creative roles: Borja (Hi.Moez) on structures and beats, Román (Mans O) on make up and electronic details, J at the guitar, Max at the vocals and Nathan at percussion are the ingredients that provide the qualities to one of the most passionate projects in Barcelona.

The simplicity of the small details, the evanescent flavor vanishing within your fingers. Their sound is the result of chemistry and flow among their different virtues. Free Pop with electronic scent to step the conventional structures aside combined with a refined finish; reminiscent melodies that seem to flirt with weightlessness; brief digital accidents and expansive guitars showering softly with colors.

Wesphere fill us with overwhelming enthusiasm, cohesion and detail precision: the natural versatility in their DNA is easily recognized in their songs. A hybrid formula of R&B, Hip Hop and Dub patterns with the result of a balanced product that rambles between pleasure and sedation.
Wesphere is introduced under a homonym debut album created by five scattered talents in Asturias, London, Berlin and Barcelona. Mastered by Mandy Parnell, Wesphere’s material appears today as an eventual synonym of projects like Vondelpark or Mount Kimbie; not to mention the Mediterranean pulsing through their veins.

Román (Mans O) also my teacher in Elisava asked me to animate the album cover done by goretexdealer and also turn the foot of the 3D model into a physical object that contains the album (a pen drive). This foot has been sold through vitamin supplies. There were 22 units.