I am an industrial engineer and product designer. I consider that I am inside a triangle whose vertices are Engineering, Design and Art. I am proactive, restless and hardworker.
As a member of Generation Z, I was born and grown up surrounded by technology. I witnessed the great evolution of it, which is why it has become my field of study and creative medium. I think that the educational period of a creative professional is endless and I learn something new every week, and I incorporate it to my work and creative process.

3D printing is a very recent manufacturing technique that has acquired great importance in many sectors of today's industry. In 2019, a newspaper published about NASA that confirmed my theories about how revolutionary this technology could be: its next ships and satellites sent into space would no longer carry spare parts on board, but a 3D printer to manufacture them as needed. My first contact with this world was just over 2 years ago, when I was hired to work in the laboratory of my university, where there was one of the first printers of the BCN3DTECH project. Since then I have dedicated myself to it for pleasure and for work, for both artistic and engineering purposes and rapid prototyping. In my opinion the main advantage is to be able to manufacture skipping the techniques of large scale economy, needing an initial investment of almost zero to carry out projects. It also speeds up the design processes since it allows the redesign and recalculation of tolerances and dimensions in a few hours. I currently have 7 3D printers in my workshop: 5 FDM (molten plastic) with a maximum print size of 300x300x400mm and another 2 SLA (photoreactive resin) with a maximum print size of 115x65x150mm.


AUTOCAD - Advanced level
RHINOCEROS - Advanced level
KEYSHOT - Advanced level
BLENDER - Advanced level
SOLIDWORKS - Advanced level
ULTIMAKER CURA - Advanced level
SCULPTRIS - Advanced level
MESHMIXER - intermediate level
FUSION 360 - Advanced level
LOGIC PRO X - Advanced level
PHOTOSHOP - Intermediate level
INDESIGN - Advanced level
ILUSTRATOR - Intermediate level
PREMIERE - Intermediate Level
ARDUINOAdvanced level
FRITZINGAdvanced level
PROCESSINGintermediate level
MICROSOFT OFFICE - Advanced level
CREO SIMULATE - Intermediate level
KICAD - Intermediate level