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Barcelona / 2020
In collaboration with Bernardo Vázquez (@bdoblev) and Sara Torres (@saratorreslpz).

1111111:::: (eva && adam && god) == analog.os
Introductory abstract to the concept of the interpretative will of the current human-technological reality

/* Present in a reality that is advancing without waiting. Unprecedented technology. An already inevitable effect on humanity. It may still be possible to become aware of the likely future and overcome the immediate present by learning from the evolutional exponentiality the past has placed us in.
We are moving along a path of total uncertainty;; which is attacking at a very unique moment.
The rise of technology amidst complete hyper-consumerism;; theorizing about the foundations all while its capabilities are being applied. Just what is emerging? How are we keeping it afloat and even driving it? */

<< Different levels of research to understand just how broad and capable the meaning granted to the concept is. Different directions of development, now, at the most effective of times.the present; fleeting,,, volatile,,, yet present. And that’s where we are. We commit to paths that no longer only construct human physics. Perhaps what is fleeting and volatile goes unnoticed and that’s why the concept of destination may be divergent.
Uncertainty due to the exponentiality of change Moore once warned of back in the 1960s. This, which allowed fluctuating in incipient human needs;;; undertaking each of them || generating them if necessary.
// unity is variety and variety in unity is the supreme law of the Universe.
Just as cells;; what are we like;; humanity (?) We transcend them;; will time transcend us (?)
Creating a new intelligence;; new reasoning for existence (?) >>

<< On the one hand,,, the “illusionist” perception of the moment;; expanding with virtual realities that submerge us into tangibly passive spatial states.
On the other hand,,, opposition to imposed conformation;; understanding, assuming and having time and paces that are actually “human”. (xd) >>
{Respecting and knowing the past;; what once was sets the direction.
{Knowing how to reason in coherence with the present;; that which is confirms the context.
{Searching and acting for the future;; having it when still malleable.}}}

222222:::: ANALOGY BETWEEN (((Earthly passions && Virtual designs )))
A symbolic comparison with the original painting, reinterpreted

“The creation of the World up to the Third Day” plays out across the two exterior shutters in the closed position. “Paradise and the Creation of Eve” are seen in the left inner wing.

“Humankind before the Flood” is in the central panel and Hell is in the right inner wing. The “garden of Earthly Delights” shows both chronological and casually dependent events in the history of the world and humankind” and “simultaneously imagined the possibilities of the state of the soul”. While the Garden of Earthly Delight is alone in signally the hazards of earthly love, all three paintings invoke the subject of the power of women and can thus serve to warn male viewers not to surrender to carnal desires.

Hieronymus Bosch - The complete works by Stefan Fischer

“The creation of the World up to the Third Day” plays out across the two exterior shutters in the closed position. “The long Boom and the Creation of the integrated circuit” are seen in the left inner wing. “Humankind before the iHumanization” is in the central panel and “Technological singularity” is in the right inner wing. The “garden-of-virtual&consumable-Delights” shows both chronological and casually dependent events in the recent history of the world and neo-technological-humankind” and “simultaneously imagined the possibilities of the state of the self, as natural as digital”

spying on your life;; 3g < 4g <  5g;; Kinnect scanned in 3D;; Cyberdyne || the Transpecies Society;; Donna Haraway really does know the cyborg;; Cybernic City collects your elderly;; DaVinci operates on a grape;; Small and gentle robots distributing drugs in the body at Hong Kong’s CityU;; EEG are possible with Arduino || understanding the brain from Blue Brain;; from DeepBlue chess to Deepmind AlphaGo;; Oracle says goodbye to Google+;; patent US6506148B2;; a herbicide war through drones;; computers mining cryptocurrency or warming up your living room;; the UN suggesting personal chip identification;; Singularity University;; Singularitarianism;; ELIZA from Weizenbaum;; Bob and Alice from Facebook;; TayBot by Microsoft;; Alexa, home spy;; Siri, the spy in your pocket;; (Your smartphone || smartwatch || smarttv || smarthome || smartdildo ||...)

3333333:::: CATHARSIS != WORLD ((?
Glossary of present facts and realities Humanizing!

Each step forward is one more seam in the maze some call destiny. Each one suggests a direction to guide the others. “Carpe diem” is possible for those with access to the technology offered to us. Is it coherent with the speed at which it is evolving (?) So many stopped for a train that does not wait, yet rather drags all of us who make up humanity with it. Understanding the intelligent machine as it aims to do so with us. Its learning attempts to relate concepts, taking advantage of past experiences, observing and analysing new experiences. With a capacity for digital comprehension outside our biological possibilities.
The structure is as immaterial as tangible if so capacitated;; and we are doing just that. And there she is, perceiving, even cohabitating in real and virtual planes. The evolutional concept of the contemporary company gives it existential ambivalence, and the immortality it holds within;; its evolution tied to capital which is in and of itself tied(?) to the human condition. The consequences thereof in today’s world are reflected by that which the market mostly brings us. A compilation of examples comprising this technological/human/machine fabric holds the defining summary of this era in which we are living.
Some setting the pace;; large capitals-companies-businesses. Others exemplifying the steps;; events occurred as a direct result of the actions of those before, and the indirect result of social acceptance.

Skybender by Google;;  Foxconn and suicide, poor labour practices at Apple;; electrosensitivity xd;; Amazon and its robotic warehouses;; Empire Market acting in the dark depths of the Net;; food, or underpants owned by your friends, delivered by a phone on a bike;; “clean” energy for all from Gigafactories && space technology by SpaceX && brain chips working at Neuralink && driverless cars resolving moral issues;; Club Bilderberg;; Second Life;; New World Order and other conspiracies;; DMT and intergalactic military communications ++ the SOS from 1964 in New Mexico;; the crystal ball in the Bermuda triangle, perhaps from the ancient Atlantis;; the sale of data to intelligence services || analysis services for marketing purposes;; Muon detectors;; (Project Ocean reading || Now predicting || Duplex dictating || Waymo driving || Drive saved || Maps directing || Chrome recommending || Gmail communicating deepMind thinking) == Alphabet Inc. aka Google aka Oracle’s servant;;] 

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Materials are inevitably linked to the evolution of humanity: they award identity, build heritage, and project futures. We focus on this social impact and perception of materials and the importance of materials in activating and dynamizing cultures and socioeconomic systems.
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